Mandatory energy audit in compliance with NF EN 16247-3


Energy Audit

Mandatory energy audit in compliance with NF EN 16247-3 (Industries)


Analysis of the energy use, utilities and manufacturing processes.


Instrumented audit with on-site measurement campaign.


Identification of money-saving levers and potentials of improvement.


Technical/organizational recommendations and quoted solutions with return on investment.


Assistance in the implementation of the recommended measures.

Regulatory Context

The decree No. 2013-1121 dated December 4, 2013 sets the limits for the annual statement of accounts/turnover/staff above which a company will have to undergo an energy audit:

  • More than 250 employees, or
  • Yearly turnover exceeding 50 million Euro, or
  • Total annual statement of accounts exceeding 43 million Euro

The order and decree No 2014-1393 dated November 24, 2014 sets the method of the mandatory energy audit in compliance with the standard NF EN 16247 Parts 1 to 4 with the synthesis elements to specify in the report.

  • Energy audit conducted by an external body qualified in compliance with the standard NF X 50-091 or a competent internal auditor.
  • Scope of the energy audit: at least 80% of the energy invoice of the company identified by a Business Registration Number (SIREN), by derogation, at least 65% for audits conducted before December 5, 2005.
  • Exemption from the energy audit obligation, if the company has implemented an ISO 50001 certified EMS for all activities within the scope of audit.