Clean Concept / Clean Room

We have developed specific fields of expertise, which enable us to control the production environment as well as the appropriate field-specific utilities.

Clean Concept / Clean Room


Clean Concept / Clean Room

Within the scope of industries requiring quality control of their products (pharmaceutical industry, food industry, defence, aeronautics …), we have developed specific fields of expertise that enable us to control the production environment as well as the appropriate field-specific utilities.

We act upon the following fields:

  • Clean room-specific interior works: partitioning and cealings (cleanable, resistant to decontamination), floors (flexible or resin floors that need to be resistant to cleaning and particular disinfection constraints or requiring conductivity or antistatic characteristics for potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX) or areas in which our customers handle volatile powders)
  • Air treatment plants in classified areas in compliance with ISO 14 644 and areas in which microbial and particulate cleanliness must be proven
  • Process water production and distribution (ultrapure water, purified water, NASBA water, demineralized water …)
  • Laboratory facilities: lab benches, fume hoods, biosafety cabinets (BSC), laminar flow, climate chambers (positive or negative cold rooms, ovens)
  • Clean compressed air production and distribution (process)
  • Special gases

Observing the regulatory constraints (GMP, ANSM, FDA …) in all these fields, we are able to:

  • Draw up a balance of requirements
  • Design the production and distribution plants
  • Participate in the process risk analyses and implement a validation plan and qualification records
  • Consult the companies able to carry out these plants and validate the execution files performed by them
  • Follow the dependable execution of the works and arrange for the qualification tests, including checking and measurements, test forms and reporting

On request of our customers, we can either conduct these studies in our capacity as an expert and prime contractor or integrate them into a Clean Concept for which we will be the sole contact person of the customer, guarantor of the outcome of the plant.