Roads and other Networks & Wasterwater Treatment

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Roads and Other Networks & Wasterwater Treatment

Whether integrating an industrial project into a new site (Greenfield) or extending and revamping an existing site, we design all required infrastructures:

  • Land surveys or scatter plots and 2D or 3D modeling of land altitudes and singularities
  • Buried network survey (invert level/stream, level of the buildings …)
  • Geotechnical soil investigation to identify the construction constraints (rainwater infiltration, properties and behaviour of soils)
  • Design of roadways, car parks, pedestrian traffic and dimensioning of the building structures
  • Site security study (fences, gates, video-surveillance, intrusion sensors …)
  • Study (commissioned by the customers) of the connection capacities and associated constraints to the existing networks together with the network retailers. Follow-up of the studies and implementation of the connection quotations in keeping with the master plans (change in network capacities)
  • Dimensioning of buried networks (wastewater, rainwater) whether on the outdoor networks or under the paving, and hydrologic studies of the possible retentions and leakage rates imposed by the Department of Sanitation (based on the specifications provided by the network operators).
  • Assistance in the definition and negotiation of discharge constraints applicable to wastewater of industrial sites
  • Study and dimensioning (or optimization) of the liquid effluent treatment plants to implement (adaptation of existing treatment or purification plants or design of new plants)
  • Economical project study based on the bills of quantities issued by us (for the possible comparison of different solutions)