Industrial Utilities

We cope with all issues associated with the industrial fluids required for the production tools.

Industrial Utilities


Industrial Utilities

Our fluid-specific R&D department enables us to cope with all issues associated with the industrial fluids required for the production tools.

With that in mind, we have the human and material capacities to:

  • Measure and record most of the physical values encountered on an industrial site: voltage, current, power, analysis of electrical networks (harmonics), pressure, velocities of fluids and aeraulics, temperature, hygrometry
  • Audit the capacities, analyse the behaviour and dysfunctions whether being related to the dimensioning of part of the plant or to the existing control system
  • Draw a consumer balance and associate a diversity factor for the dimensioning of the associated producers
  • Dimension the delivery points (gas, electricity, tap water…)
  • Analyse and dimension the thermal behaviour of the buildings (static and dynamic)
  • Dimensioning and schematic representation of the plants (P&ID)
  • Dimension the pipes, ducts and cables
  • Implement networks
  • Estimate the cost of investment of these plants and their operating costs
  • Suggest possible ways of improvement or new plants (and justify such)
  • Launch the tendering process with the relevant companies, approve their execution studies and supervise commissioning
  • Check the operation of the delivered plants (for their acceptance by the customer)

All these capacities are made available to the fluids we can find on industrial sites:

  • Vapor, hot water, superheated water …, including the recovery systems (economizers)
  • Cold production and distribution (positive/negative chilled water, direct expansion, drilling water, self-cooling towers, adiabatic systems)
  • Air treatment and conditioning, including the hygrometry in specific areas such as textiles, carbon treatment
  • HV/LV power
  • Weak currents
  • Production and distribution of clean industrial compressed air, including the treatment (dew point, de-oiling or oil-free production)